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All Sessions are 65 minutes in length

$175 for an initial session. This includes a brief “session recap” of what you worked on and suggestions made, to be emailed to you within a week, if desired.

$160 for subsequent sessions, which also includes a “session recap” sent directly to your inbox.

After an initial session you may choose from the following packages or continue to book individual “stand alone,” sessions.


Packages are for people wanting help in getting to the root of what’s causing their problems and ready to work towards leaving them behind. We will use energy healing methods and psychological knowledge to help heal and transform your life.

These sessions are goal-oriented. In addition to time spent on the table for energy work, you will also engage in consultation and “homework,” to support our work together.

Cracking Your Code- Discover your unique, energetic blueprint – $430

Cracking Your Code includes three 65-minute sessions to be completed within two months so you can:

  1. Release energetic blocks and learn tools to transcend limiting beliefs.
  2. Recognize when your energy is drained, scattered or frozen and learn energy restorative methods.
  3.  Make choices based on what truly works for you, regardless of other people’s well-intentioned advice. 
  4. Be empowered to attract supportive people who share your values and enthusiasm for your growth.
  5. Increase self-esteem.

Transforming Trauma- How to get rid of what you’re not- $700

Transforming Trauma includes five 65-minute sessions to be completed within 3 months so you can:

  1. Discover the origins of your wound and understand its causes and how it’s activated. 
  2. Begin to remove the “charge” of your traumatic experiences so you can heal.
  3. Learn to identify with your essence- the truth, light, wisdom and love that’s at your core; rather than identifying with your wound and the defenses that form around it.
  4. Open to new possibilities of how your life can be, by integrating your essence into everyday life.

New Offering for Adult Couples – Energy Healing with Relationship Guidance!

Pathway to Passion and Intimacy-  $1320

Includes eight 65-minute sessions completed within five months so you can:

  1. Learn how to sense the subtle energy body to increase your connection to your body and that of your partner.
  2. Discover unique methods to control the movement of the body’s energy centers.
  3. Learn relational skills so you and your partner can cherish and support one another.

*Legal Disclaimer- These are potential benefits. Energy Healing is not an exact science and there are no guarantees as to the result of evaluation or treatment in any energy healing program.

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  • Pre-paid sessions do not expire.
  • No refunds are available for packages.
  • Packages are not transferable to another person.
  • The fee for a package cannot be used towards supplements or other services at Wellness Minneapolis.

Payment is due at the time of each session. Cash, personal checks and debit/credit cards are accepted.

Per Minnesota regulations I’m required to charge sales tax on energy work services. If you would like to avoid paying sales tax please provide Wellness Minneapolis with a letter from your health care provider (MD, ND, DO, DC, NP etc) recommending energy healing or reiki. Please call Wellness Minneapolis with any questions.