It’s YOUR time to create an electric life you love
and spirited relationships that cherish you

Julie Schmit, MA, Marriage and Family Therapy Energy Healer, Reiki Master & Relationship Guide
Julie Schmit
Energy Healer, Reiki Master & Relationship Guide
MA, Marriage and Family Therapy

You deserve a relationship with yourself as well as others, that’s soulful AND nourishing.

But there’s one tiny kinda large problem….

You’re a person with a nagging PAST or obstacles in the PRESENT.

Memories—physical, mental and emotional—tend to creep in sideways, appear as unpleasant bodily sensations, or lurk in the corners of your mind.

Dilemmas—complications, disputes and difficulties—repeat in your thoughts as if they can be resolved by binge-watching the highlights.

You’ve tried avoiding, stuffing, controlling or *gasp* even wallowing in your feelings, and it’s getting old.

And not groovy-retro, vintage old, but the stale, exhausted type of old. 

You want to feel courageous, passionate and relaxed in your own skin, and you’re ready to try something new. Something fresh and alive.

I’m Julie Schmit. I’m on your side. Let’s do this!

How is working with me different than other Energy Healers?

I combine my decades of experience and education with an ability to both focus in on your complaints and your strengths. I then use expanded states of consciousness to tune into your energy and help you see what’s holding you back from reaching your potential.

I read your energy; where you’re wounded and stuck and where you’re “flowing and glowing.” I help you see your “pictures” of how you think you should look, be and perform. With a gentle touch I sense into your musculature, run healing energy and teach you how to use your body as a doorway into your psyche.